BCP Supplying S&S Construction

When S&S Construction from Andover in Hampshire needed a new crane they turned to AG Cranes for help.

The 25 meter used crane shown below will be fitted with 2 brand new 1.5 tonne BCP Wire Rope Hoists and a pair of new inverter driven BCP End Carriages. This will provide them with the ability to be able to safely move heavy steel and equipment around their steel works, welding area, and paint shop.


Steel prior to being cut to size and the new hoists & end carriages being fitted

As you can see the 25 meter crane only just fits into our factory which is just as well as it's raining today. The crane will be cut down to the required 18 meters and then fitted with the BCP End Carriages and Hoists before being installed at S&S Constructions factory unit.


The steel work gets a paint job!

The crane structure will be attached to the portal style building, so our expert structural engineers were consulted who calculated the buildings wind and snow loadings. The conclusion resulted in a safe working load assessment for the hoists of 1.5 tonnes per hook.


The 2 x 1.5 tonne BCP hoists are fitted

S&S Construction are an advanced construction company who specialise in the design, fabrication and installation of residential, commercial and educational structures.


Update on Progress

We have added an update to this project including some more photos and a video of the hoists being tested in the factory prior to being collected by the client. See S & S Construction Part 2 here.

If you'd like to know more about BCP Cranes range of hoists and end carriages please call us today on 01527 894 825.